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Posted by hisitech on May 16, 2008

Work like you don`t need money.

Love like you`re never been hurt.

And Dance like no one`s looking.

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Happy Birthday UBUNTU 8.04!

Posted by hisitech on April 26, 2008

ubuntuWell, Breathe deeply! UBUNTU is here . if you are one of the Ubuntu users you know what I say. the ubuntu roadmap is really clear . you get the promotion! a proper way for geeks.

somethings unrelated : hectic days come up , I am so confused , depressed . I should find new ways in my life , I am gana change my job . when i fell the system do not need me or i can not promote in this system , there i no way except quit !

God bless me!

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Weather I Like !

Posted by hisitech on January 6, 2008

barfi1.jpg barf2.jpg barf3.jpg
I was walking around for more than one hour in this weather , really enjoyable !

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Merry Christmas

Posted by hisitech on December 26, 2007


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My Best Friend !

Posted by hisitech on December 24, 2007


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Two Theories

Posted by hisitech on December 23, 2007

There are two theories:

No. 1- you can get all things you want.

No. 2- no , you can not always get what you want.

which one is true ?

do you believe in extra ordinary trends ? do you believe that the human brain is powerful even more than what we think?  or you think these are all nonsense  ?  environmental parameters limit your ability ?

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How Do You Dream…

Posted by hisitech on December 2, 2007


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