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Phpsyslog-ng tutorial was translated

Posted by hisitech on February 5, 2008

Last week I had an email from Blaise , the administrator of – this site is about OpenSource software and tutorials in lots of languages – he asked me via email to translate the phpsyslog-ng tutorial to Persian and I eagerly done it . you can find the Persian translation in this address .

I ask all of my friends to help me to revise it and tell me the problems of translation ( it`s full of them!).

oohhhhh ,I forgot to tell you what it is ! ” Phpsyslog-ng is a web interface based on a php script that permit to read the logs generated by a local server or remote machines. The logs are first sent from the local or remote machines to a log collector named syslog-ng and then forwarded into a mysql database.”

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Who is That Man?

Posted by hisitech on January 10, 2008

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Download Youtube videos using “Wget”

Posted by hisitech on December 7, 2007

Here there is an easy way to download Youtube videos using wget.  of  course you can do it by some handy Firefox extensions but as i said before do NOT forget command prompt power:

First thing we need is the video ID which we are going to get using also wget together with grep.

First locate the page of the video you want to download, I will use for this example one showing compizfusion in action.

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download a complete site on your disk

Posted by hisitech on December 6, 2007

There are lots of applications with user friendly GUIs to copy your favorite websites and offline browsing , but i want to introduce my old and light Linux command “wget”:

as a computer expert it is your duty to find the ways not to consume system resources , so why not using wonderful short Linux commands to handle our job; well just move your fingers gently on keyboard :

wget -k -c -r -p

Ok, it will do the task perfectly , changes and localizes links , saves images on your hard disk, what do u want more?

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My Devices and their Desktops

Posted by hisitech on December 1, 2007

Now i wana introduce my lovely devices that i use them so much ( how much i use this word “lovely” !!! ):

My lovely P990i SmartPhone with a beautiful Ubuntu theme for its large screen:


My lovely Dell Vostro 1500  Laptop with its desktop screenshots both metacity window manager that i often use (its simplicity has killed me!)  and compiz-fusion visual effect windows manager (this one really killed Ms-Windows!):


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Naughty Pupil

Posted by hisitech on December 1, 2007


If i were in place of this teacher , i would eat that apple!

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Use Linux!

Posted by hisitech on December 1, 2007



NO, I Will not FIX your Computer
use Linux

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