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Death is Near!

Posted by hisitech on March 14, 2009

you do not know what`s going on , you even do not hear, you DIE.

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Happy Birthday UBUNTU 8.04!

Posted by hisitech on April 26, 2008

ubuntuWell, Breathe deeply! UBUNTU is here . if you are one of the Ubuntu users you know what I say. the ubuntu roadmap is really clear . you get the promotion! a proper way for geeks.

somethings unrelated : hectic days come up , I am so confused , depressed . I should find new ways in my life , I am gana change my job . when i fell the system do not need me or i can not promote in this system , there i no way except quit !

God bless me!

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Weather I Like !

Posted by hisitech on January 6, 2008

barfi1.jpg barf2.jpg barf3.jpg
I was walking around for more than one hour in this weather , really enjoyable !

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Merry Christmas

Posted by hisitech on December 26, 2007


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My Best Friend !

Posted by hisitech on December 24, 2007


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Two Theories

Posted by hisitech on December 23, 2007

There are two theories:

No. 1- you can get all things you want.

No. 2- no , you can not always get what you want.

which one is true ?

do you believe in extra ordinary trends ? do you believe that the human brain is powerful even more than what we think?  or you think these are all nonsense  ?  environmental parameters limit your ability ?

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Hiring is Obsolete !

Posted by hisitech on December 19, 2007

I try to translate this precious article to Farsi in my extra times , it is talking about one of the biggest problems among youngsters : lack of productivity , this is what we really  suffer from . try to read it all , if don`t have enough time , do it part by part , everyday one portion .

May 2005

(This essay is derived from a talk at the Berkeley CSUA.)

The three big powers on the Internet now are Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. Average age of their founders: 24. So it is pretty well established now that grad students can start successful companies. And if grad students can do it, why not undergrads?
Like everything else in technology, the cost of starting a startup has decreased dramatically. Now it’s so low that it has disappeared into the noise. The main cost of starting a Web-based startup is food and rent. Which means it doesn’t cost much more to start a company than to be a total slacker. You can probably start a startup on ten thousand dollars of seed funding, if you’re prepared to live on ramen.
The less it costs to start a company, the less you need the permission of investors to do it. So a lot of people will be able to start companies now who never could have before.
The most interesting subset may be those in their early twenties. I’m not so excited about founders who have everything investors want except intelligence, or everything except energy. The most promising group to be liberated by the new, lower threshold are those who have everything investors want except experience.
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How Do You Dream…

Posted by hisitech on December 2, 2007


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