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Phpsyslog-ng tutorial was translated

Posted by hisitech on February 5, 2008

Last week I had an email from Blaise , the administrator of – this site is about OpenSource software and tutorials in lots of languages – he asked me via email to translate the phpsyslog-ng tutorial to Persian and I eagerly done it . you can find the Persian translation in this address .

I ask all of my friends to help me to revise it and tell me the problems of translation ( it`s full of them!).

oohhhhh ,I forgot to tell you what it is ! ” Phpsyslog-ng is a web interface based on a php script that permit to read the logs generated by a local server or remote machines. The logs are first sent from the local or remote machines to a log collector named syslog-ng and then forwarded into a mysql database.”


4 Responses to “Phpsyslog-ng tutorial was translated”

  1. آق مجید said

    Hi Histech,

    this post was really hard for me to understand. I should start learning PHP and Java I think, Anyway, recently I have installed Linux operating system on my computer, it seems to be user friendly but as Shakespeare says, What dreams may come?! I don’t know, let’s see.

  2. hisitech said

    Dear AG MAJID
    Don`t doubt about it ! your gana go the right way. I hope you`ll be able to use Linux as best as you can.
    ask me any question you have about Linux.
    which one of amazing distributions do you use? and How`s the OpenSource circumstance in Canada?

    Good luck and count on my help.:)

  3. alishams said

    hey hisitech, howdy? keep up the good work man.

    btw, do you know any (easy-to-use-for-coding-virgins-software that can crawl social networking sites and regenerate the graph? That would be priceless. been thinking about it for months now.

  4. hisitech said

    Hi ALI,
    glad to hear from you:
    you mean a kind of robot that works like google-analyst ? if YES go ahead reading if NO describe more!

    there are some advertising companies making money from the advantages of psychological analyses or referrals in these social networking sites .
    but they don`t share data free of charge . I think this is a beneficial business out of here!
    coding this robot should be a complicated task ; sometimes it`ll be a worm instead of analyzer and will be banned by security stuffs ! one way is left to let the robot work: present some good services to users of this robot i mean those who cooperate with you and let this little kitty works around . under this situation you have chosen GOOGLE and other paradigms as competitors !

    I am thinking about an innovation or better say money making business on the net as you do. but there are lots of cultural , judicial , money transferring , …. problems that harden to make decision !

    so happy to talk about it , continue this discussion , It might be a start point for glorious future .

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