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Weather I Like !

Posted by hisitech on January 6, 2008

barfi1.jpg barf2.jpg barf3.jpg
I was walking around for more than one hour in this weather , really enjoyable !

3 Responses to “Weather I Like !”

  1. smhnaji said

    Don’t forget to care about you laptop in such a whether!;)

    And post moooooooore PHP tips please:D

  2. alishams said

    hey man, how are you? Is this our hometown (the city that you and I know)? Do you live there or you live somewhere else now? the smiley is really cute. I hear it’s gonna snow tomorrow. you can go outside again but be careful it gets really slippery.

  3. hisitech said

    Yeah , this is our city , how beautiful it is! don`t you remember Canadian ones?!! i really enjoy it .

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