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My Devices and their Desktops

Posted by hisitech on December 1, 2007

Now i wana introduce my lovely devices that i use them so much ( how much i use this word “lovely” !!! ):

My lovely P990i SmartPhone with a beautiful Ubuntu theme for its large screen:


My lovely Dell Vostro 1500  Laptop with its desktop screenshots both metacity window manager that i often use (its simplicity has killed me!)  and compiz-fusion visual effect windows manager (this one really killed Ms-Windows!):


One Response to “My Devices and their Desktops”

  1. smhnaji said

    <<< “Windows” detector alert (powered by W3C) >>>

    Danger! You have as much as Two “windows” in this post!

    Correct these high security bugs or your page will be absolutely blocked from WWW 😀

    Care a bit more!!!

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