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Finally i start Blogging

Posted by hisitech on November 30, 2007

Hi there..

After 10 years of computer learning and internet surfing i decided to start blogging …. don`t know why so late i start but it`s such kind of sense that can not be described.

first of all let me introduce myself : i am a 25 year old Iranian male computer software engineering student who works along with studying .

sorry for my bad English! i really wana improve my English skills so this is one of my reasons to write this blog in non persian lang.

my blog is born in November as i was!

i try to describe my daily sense and notable points of technology..

One Response to “Finally i start Blogging”

  1. smhnaji said

    As I would be more happy to know this IMPORTANT happening as your start your blog, I post a comment here on the first post

    uhhhhhhhh….. surprising! Yes, that’s absolutely surprising for me

    I’m sure this is my new toward improvement way 😉

    Good luck!

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