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Death is Near!

Posted by hisitech on March 14, 2009

you do not know what`s going on , you even do not hear, you DIE.

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Posted by hisitech on May 16, 2008

Work like you don`t need money.

Love like you`re never been hurt.

And Dance like no one`s looking.

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Happy Birthday UBUNTU 8.04!

Posted by hisitech on April 26, 2008

ubuntuWell, Breathe deeply! UBUNTU is here . if you are one of the Ubuntu users you know what I say. the ubuntu roadmap is really clear . you get the promotion! a proper way for geeks.

somethings unrelated : hectic days come up , I am so confused , depressed . I should find new ways in my life , I am gana change my job . when i fell the system do not need me or i can not promote in this system , there i no way except quit !

God bless me!

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MY New Persian Blog

Posted by hisitech on April 10, 2008

This is my new blog written in Persian , It`s a new collaboration with my friend ….

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Posted by hisitech on April 3, 2008

Well , Do you want to check out all of your website links ? do it by hand ? wow!

ok , web developers  can use this pretty software : KLinkstatus


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Smart PopUp!

Posted by hisitech on March 25, 2008


Be careful ! when you want to show a popup for your visitors, firt check their OS please! 

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Bearable Windows!

Posted by hisitech on February 26, 2008

Well, if you use Linux or other none Windows OS stuff ! you do not need to read it,because you are on the best shape! ,if you still using this OS and love MS productions you do not need to read it . but if you use Windows and should bear it for special reasons ,so use these tools and make it less painful :

0. Internet Explorer = Mozilla Firefox
First thing I install on a fresh Windows XP. Simply the best Internet browser. Ever! 🙂

1. Windows Explorer = ExplorerXP
Tabs, groups and a toolbar with only the useful things. The way explorer should have been.

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Phpsyslog-ng tutorial was translated

Posted by hisitech on February 5, 2008

Last week I had an email from Blaise , the administrator of – this site is about OpenSource software and tutorials in lots of languages – he asked me via email to translate the phpsyslog-ng tutorial to Persian and I eagerly done it . you can find the Persian translation in this address .

I ask all of my friends to help me to revise it and tell me the problems of translation ( it`s full of them!).

oohhhhh ,I forgot to tell you what it is ! ” Phpsyslog-ng is a web interface based on a php script that permit to read the logs generated by a local server or remote machines. The logs are first sent from the local or remote machines to a log collector named syslog-ng and then forwarded into a mysql database.”

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Who is That Man?

Posted by hisitech on January 10, 2008

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Weather I Like !

Posted by hisitech on January 6, 2008

barfi1.jpg barf2.jpg barf3.jpg
I was walking around for more than one hour in this weather , really enjoyable !

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